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Summer Internship – How to Prepare and Apply for it.

Summer is here and so is the opportunity to put to the practical use of all the knowledge that you have been gaining through your course books. The name of this opportunity is the Summer Internship. Every year a large number of students apply for summer internships which they see as a chance to follow their dream career. Summer Internships in Mumbai are usually for the duration of barely 8-10 weeks, which is as long as the summer vacation in the colleges. Depending upon the student and the field of the internship, the internship can be a full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid. There is an increase in the popularity of summer internship because of the basic reason being that the student is able to give more time and focus as an intern.
Benefits of summer internships:
• The best outcome of the summer internship is that this provides a window to the student which gives them a glimpse of the practical world where there can put into use whatever knowledge they have gained through their studies.
• It can be seen as a hands-on learning experience which can also be a reality check for them which helps them to decide whether that particular internship is the career path they want to follow or not.
• They go into an internship in a particular field thinking this is the right choice for them. By the time they have finished the internship they have either confirmed their belief about the choice or have started looking for an alternate career.
• This is possible as it is a short internship and the individual does not need to remain in the field or industry for a very long time just in case they are not comfortable with the particular industry or field.

If you are planning to apply for an internship then there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind which will be helpful to you to prepare for the internship. Following are some of the tips for summer internship preparation:

1. Know all you have to know about the field:
If you are planning on an internship in Mumbai then following this tip is a must. Although not only on Mumbai but all over the world industries and companies have a competitive nature and strive to be the best in their field. If you want to be the best in a particular company you have to be thorough about the field that you are entering to have an edge above not only the other interns but the other staff in the company as well.

2. Acquaint yourself with the Company:
In this tech savvy age it is not hard to collect information about the company in which you aspire to apply for an internship. The best way to do so would be to go through the company’s website. This will give you all the information you need to know about the company which might come in handy when you appear for an interview.

3. Find yourself a mentor:
Once you have successfully gained a position in a company as an intern, the next step should be to find yourself a mentor. The mentor could be anyone from a colleague or a person from a high post with whom you have struck a chord in the initial days of your internship. This will be helpful to you as that person can help you know and understand the tricks of the trade better and faster than what you would have been able to do on your own. Also this person can save you from the negative office politics and guide you to move ahead in the company as a faster rate.

4. Clarify your position and the in-outs of your internship with the HR:
This is an important tip you need to follow once your internship is confirmed. Contact the HR, and if it is a small organization without a segregated HR department then get in touch with the person who accepted your application with regards to a few matters like:
Your working hours
Number of working days in a week
Dress code
Who would you be directly reporting to
Internship stipend etc.
This is necessary so as not to cause disappointments at the end of the internships.

5. Make the most of your experience:
Every intern has a different experience to report at the end of an internship, even if they are in the same field and same company. Some days might be dull and boring and some days you may find yourself saddled with work for two people. Sometimes you have to work on brainstorming projects and some days you might have to file boring reports. All in all, make the most of your experience as an intern as this experience will help you climb the ladder of success much easily.

Following are some of the top online portals which you can check if you are thinking to apply for internship:

1. Internshala:
Internshala is a dedicated portal trying to solve the problem of interns by getting them meaningful internships, something they have been struggling to do every year. The team holds a belief that if internships are managed well the can create a difference to not only the student but the employer and the society as well.

2. Glassdoor:
One of the increasingly popular portals for your summer internship search, Glassdoor is the proud owner of a database which consists of millions of reviews of companies, salary reports, CEO approval ratings etc. This helps the student in applying for their favourite job and field by giving them a plethora of options because of the huge database.

3. LinkedIn:
Connecting yourself to LinkedIn can be a life-changing experience for you as it has the capacity to deliver everything an intern needs to start your internship at a running pace. This is the best place to get the insider’s view of the top companies from the fields you choose, helping you to hone your skills to match the level of the company.

4. Intern Theory:
The sole objective of Intern Theory is to land an intern with an internship. This clear objective is not only fruitful for the ecstatic students who land their dream job as an intern, but it is also helpful to employers for finding the right student as an intern for their organization.

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