7 Things to Know Before Joining a Coaching Class

Among the few things which are surely needed for existence (roti, kapda, makaan) , today another highly needed force that has come up is the need for a “Coaching class ” for a student’s development or maybe just for passing in some cases.

I leave the debate of whether they are good or not needed for our next topic, but for the over 7,00,00,000 students in India today who are taking coaching, these tips should surely guide you better to decide.

1.Demo Lecture 

Though teaching is a noble profession and teachers are against selling themselves and pitching to you by means of a demo , but always remember, YOU are a separate individual , you understand differently . You could be with the best professor but if he doesn’t connect with your learning ability , speed and current conceptual knowledge you will land up not knowing anything. ASK for a demo subtly if he/she his highly reputed and trust me since you are a going to pay a heavy fee , he will Surely agree.

2. Are you falling for a Marketing stunt ?

According to research, even top coaching classes focuses on marketing rather than curating quality content and education.

There have shifted to – 80% marketing and 20% quality education.  

Beware of following tactics-

a) Illusion tactic – We only take students having ≥ 90% 

b) Urgency tactic – Our batches are almost full and might not take more unless bookings are done by X date.

c) Reputation building tactic – We have multiple branches, just to show their extensive reach.

3. Past results & ability to interact with those achievers :

A fellow student will be able to guide you the best. We have seen multiple posters of past results but the ability to actually interact with those kids and understand studying regime and the extra efforts they put into multiple things beyond what is taught in class will lay foundation for  strong growth conceptually and academically.
Ask the professor to let you interact and they surely will connect you.

4. Location & timings :

They say study with the best no matter where you have to travel to. But always remember location eventually does play a crucial role.
Think of it like joining a gym , where you pay up but then are lazy to travel. Similarly put this scenario in a 7am CA lecture , 20mins far from your house and article ship post the lecture. That is 5:30am waking up ,getting ready and going for class. You are bound to sleep in class , not pay full attention and in the long run you will stop attending.

Note : This is from the experience of multiple students in a survey so kindly weigh these situations in your case and figure the right thing for you.

5. Teacher fun VS Teacher quality

A lot of students fall to the glamour added to the teaching profession . Students fashion shows , teacher’s ability to joke in class and showing a larger picture.
Though I have nothing against it and personally liked it as well , but don’t make that a bias to your decision.
Ultimately in life , the concepts you learn and more importantly the teacher who can make you THINK beyond the books by their coaching abilities are the ones who are going to play a highly crucial role in your success and well some of them might also be the ones adding glamour. So keeping nothing against them find out your main purpose.

6. Food joints & a fun group : 

Yes you are going to be spending a good part of your day sitting in these classes now once that you have enrolled. Ensure you create a circle in class that is equally excited about the course , willing to ask out of the box questions , challenge you on multiple doubts ,get into a portion completing competition during exams and much importantly in your low budget go out and share a sandwich , idli and samosa pav at the foodspots around the class.
Making the class fun is going to go a long way in keeping you motivated every minute.

7. Fees & Infrastructure :

Irrespective of popular misconception that students will pay anything for education , I highly recommend you to search , discover from multiple options and start tracking the return on every spend you make. A good class , seating space , comfort are enablers for better learning and focus.
1 time fee payment, advances, join for 2 years together etc can sometimes lead us to decisions we did not want to take.Find the apt class to your needs , search online and then book your class.
Websites like Studysid offer deals, cashbacks on your bookings so do sign up, find best coaching and save money too !

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Irrespective of all the things mentioned above in this article , teaching is a highly noble profession and these teachers are the ones educating the entire youth in this country and I respect them all and believe the education they impart will go a long way in shaping the direction of India. Thank you for that!!

I have written the article with utmost genuineness and hope you can relate to me.

– A student just like you!

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