Types Of Reasoning Questions (Competitive Exams Edition)

Reasoning is the ability of every human that makes them take logical conclusions. This ability is very much important in our everyday life. To test this ability among aspirants competitive exams are designed such that it asks for a variety of questions that check for the reasoning ability of the students. This article explains the different types of reasoning questions that are asked in various competitive exams. This is done to check the overall reasoning ability and decision-making ability of the student. The questions asked do not involve very high mathematical skills but ensure that the mind is tested thoroughly.

Types of Reasoning Questions

Logical Reasoning

These types of reasoning questions test your logical insights to come up with a solution from the available series type of questions. What are these series type of questions? They are number series, symbol series, making judgments, letter series, matching definitions, analogies, etc. With some tips and tricks, one can easily crack these questions.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions include questions that have numbers and words. The question shows a series of figures arranged in a specific sequence. The student must use these to find the missing figure. The questions included in the non-verbal reasoning are classification, water images, mirror images, spotting out the missing figure in one whole figure. 

Verbal Reasoning

These questions have been in the market since quite a long time and have made many intenders to worry a lot because it tests them by making them think about their vocabulary knowledge and making deductions from their knowledge of words and statements. The questions generally include classification, analogy, blood relation, direction sense test, Logical Venn diagrams, coding-decoding, symbols and notations, situation-reaction tests, statements and assumptions, ranking, etc. These questions become very interesting once you start practicing them.

Analytical Reasoning

It tests the cognitive abilities of the person. It enables us to reason, to look out for evidence, assumptions, themes, etc. Simply we have certain elements and they are in a particular situation. We are required to find out the relations amongst them. This type includes questions like numbers of figures from a complex figure and other problems based on percentages. 

Data Interpretation

The weightage given to these types of questions is around 10-45 marks. These types of questions include Tabulation, Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Line Graph. For these types of questions, calculations need to be quick and accurate which comes after immense practice for sure. Acquaint yourself with figures, deduce relations and try to draw conclusions.

More Types of Reasoning Questions


With the right concepts, tricks, and strategy any aspirant can crack puzzles in very little time and fetch marks very easily. Try some online quiz on puzzles to make yourself very equipped in cracking these questions. Puzzles generally include Sudoku, Number Puzzles, Clock, Playing Cards and Clock related questions, very interesting though, isn’t it?

Data Sufficiency

Data Sufficiency includes a little bit of mathematical knowledge either directly or indirectly. The intenders need to investigate the available statements and using them they need to understand whether these statements are sufficient enough to answer the question or not.

More about Types of Reasoning Questions

Key to success in these questions is practice as much as you can from various books like R.S. Aggarwal, Arihant Publications, M.K. Pandey, Etc. and ocean of resources available on internet most sort website is IndiaBix.com and YouTube channels like Feel Free to Learn, Talen Spirit, etc. As I said the internet is an ocean try to dive deep. You will find enormous resources because learning and practicing a lot is the key and rest lies in the future.


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