How To Improve Your MBA Application

Many say the first impression is the last impression and some even say it is the lasting impression which does hold true most of the time and as far as the MBA is concerned it does hold the prime importance. For MBA admissions applications are the most important to judge any aspirant’s potential. Mere scores of various competitive exams won’t do justice but one needs to be right on the toes by improving there MBA application. This article has come to the rescue by providing its readers tips on How To Improve Your MBA Application which can help the aspirants to stand out amongst the crowd. So following are the points an aspirant needs to consider while filling the MBA applications.

Tips on How to Improve Your MBA Application

  1. Career Progression

The admission committee sees the aspirants’ hunger to learn and grow in their careers very positively. So any growth in the skills, status, knowledge, etc. must be stated in the application so that the chances of getting the admission can be increased. This shows that the aspirant has a ‘Never Stagnant’ attitude and is seen very positively and gives the impression that the aspirant is very adaptable and is very skilled.

  1. The Number Game

Whatever be your accomplishments try quantifying it, because the number speaks more than words. For example, if on one day you managed to save a huge chunk of money for your firm, support the claim with the exact amount you saved. You can even tell about the percentages. These statistics show the credibility of yours and it makes memorable for the reader.

  1. Keeping distance from the competition

In today’s world, the competition is immense and in the large pool of talented aspirants, some uniqueness is necessary. Because in the admission process admitters seek the points of difference that make you stand apart from the crowd. Ask these questions to yourself that does your resume showcase your passion, interests, experiences, expertise, etc. so that it can provide the unique viewpoint in front of the admission committee and can make your path towards your destination a little easier.

  1. Recommendations

3rd Party voice is listened with the utmost care and here comes the recommendations and they must be taken great care of. It is an essential management skill because it helps in convincing an individual who is a master of his/her field to speak good about you and to speak how much a great asset you are to any organization. It is like a branding strategy in which you educate your recommender to get the knowledge of your plans and reminding them about your accomplishments.

  1. Extra-Curricular Activities

It’s time to showcase that you are just more than your grades and job title. Impress them with the leadership roles you’ve been assigned to and highlight the other dimension of your life as well. It’s a good practice to let them know about the time you have given and try demonstrating them with the use of excellent action verbs. Actually every bullet must start with an action verb which would demonstrate the impact you have made to the organizations you have worked with. Use words like worked, led, made, styled, crafted. Use these tricks to make your application look promising. Let it demonstrate that you are credible enough to tell that you have done something.

More Tips on How To Improve Your MBA Application

So here were some of the essential points which could make your MBA application to stand out and would surely be making the admission committees to remember your application. The above points are very basic and don’t include any fancy stuff. The idea is very simple- ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY’. Do remember all throughout your life and trust me it would be doing wonders for sure.

From today start introspecting about your strengths and try to align with some of the well-known management qualities. This will not only be helpful to get admission into your dream college. But also it would be helping you to take major decisions in your corporate life. Keep it short and crisp and play it by quantifying whatever you write. Try getting more and more exposure and learn to make quick decisions. Work hard and study and the rest will happen on its own.


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