GRE MYTHS busted

Myths about GRE

The terminology “Myth” is defined as ‘Misbelief’ that is highly believed in. People consider facts and develop stories according to their beliefs. Henceforth Myth is just a cliched story! Here are some GRE Myths that we just had to bust!

8 Myths about the GRE

# Myth 1 

Second chances are usually considered as a ‘Road not to be taken’.

Sometimes the people who take second or third chances are taken as people who lacks intelligence and had to attempt the same thing over and over again. Society seems to look at such students with nosy eyes. But all these are just cliched myths that have to be broken. 

Everyone who knows about the GRE, knows that it is very tough to crack being such a competitive examination. So thinking that retaking GRE will impact the students’ performance or ruin the chance of getting into a better college is just a false belief that should be avoided. People can take GRE again and again to increase scores. Stay motivated! According to a recent ETS survey one of four people takes GRE exam. 

ETS has even provided the ‘Score select’ feature through which you can select the scores of reattempt that you want to send to specific grade schools which can be used to get admission in the preferred university. The only constraint is that you can take GRE within 21 days with five attempts in continuous rolling of 12 months. This also pans out to be very expensive.

Retaking the GRE to apply with a better score is not going to affect your chances of being admitted in any way.

# Myth 2 

Test takers can choose between sections and their scores

One should take both the sections seriously in every attempt. The entire GRE score will be chosen as one, and scores from different sectors in different attempts will not be considered.

# Myth 3 

It is about the math section of GRE test syllabus. People often believe that GRE math will have complex concepts like trigonometry and calculus. GRE math is tough but it contains basic concepts that you may have studied in eighth or ninth grade. The problems based on the concepts maybe tough but the concepts in question are definetely no calculus.


# Myth 4

Solving innumerable practice tests will help me succeed.

 One must learn the concepts first,learn strategies and techniques to solve those and then only with lot of practice they can ace GRE. 


# Myth 5

‘GRE is like GMAT or GRE and GMAT are alike’.

GRE is nothing like GMAT. They may be alternatives form some specific degree courses’ admission criteria but in terms of the content, the former and the latters’ emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and mathermatics vary drastically. The exams test one’s skillsets from different points of view.


# Myth 6

GRE preparation material is expensive

GRE preparation materials are not expensive. Many students can use good resources available free on internet. You just need to search diamond in coal mine that’s all! 

# Myth 7

GRE Prep demands a lot of time and

It doesn’t require lot of time to prepare for GRE.  Dedicated and planned preparation for four hours a day lasting approximately three months is ample time to make sure you get a stellar score. 

# Myth 8

Just because you are not a writer doesn’t mean you can’t ace AWA section.

You can ace this section with good practice. Don’t just go on writing. Be mindful and branch your answer out efficiently. Do not inflate your answers by beating around the bush.

Make sure these GRE Myths don’t hamper your preparation and come in your way of getting that perfect score!


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