CAT from scratch

How to prepare for CAT from scratch?

The Common Admission Test (CAT) Exam is an annual exam conducted by IIMs for Business management programs.  It is an online test and clearing this gives you a ticket to renowned postgraduate colleges such as IIM, IMT, IMI etc. So how does a graduate gear up for this exam? Let’s start from the basics:

1. Eligibility:

Before you study, make sure you’re eligible to appear for the test. The cornerstone here is that you need to be a graduate with a minimum of 50% (For reserved categories it is 45%) and hold a degree from a reputed and established college. The good news here is there is no age limit or work experience needed, all you need is a will. Having met the above-mentioned requirements, you’re good to go.

2. Basics:

The exam is conducted online and contains mostly MCQs or type in the answers. It is divided into three sections – logical reasoning and data interpretation, quantitative aptitude and verbal ability and reasoning. It is a total of 300 marks. Typically there are about a hundred questions and the time allotted is 3 hours. Which means you have 1 hour for each section. The marking is done in such a way that you score +3 for every correct answer and -1 for a wrong answer and 0 for an unattempted answer.

3. Study:

Since there is no detailed description of the syllabus for CAT and there have been a lot of changes in the exam pattern, it becomes Hercules’s task to prepare well for the test and feel confident. But do not get intimidated, here’s what you should study –

  • Logical reasoning and data interpretation: This section holds a total of 32 questions (16+16). Data interpretation requires time and a sound mind so do not panic and understand the question thoroughly. This tough part is contrasted by the logical reasoning part, which is comparatively much easier.
  • Quantitative aptitude: This is where the numbers come in the picture. This section holds 34 questions. You don’t need to be a mathematician, practising the basics such as algebra, geometry and arithmetic shall get you going. From the previous exam patterns it is relevant that geometry is an important part, so prepare it well.
  • Verbal ability and reading comprehension: Comprising of 34 questions, this section is yet another scoring one. Basically, English and communication skills are tested. More weight is given to the reading comprehension section where you need to answer questions based on a paragraph. Apart from this, expand your vocabulary as it will definitely give you a boost in this exam. You can keep track of your progress by regularly attempting sample papers online. This is a very good practice since it not only gives you an insight on where you stand but also helps you perform better online. You can practice by solving sample papers available on various online platforms or by purchasing a mock test set at your nearest coaching class! Speaking of coaching classes.

4. Coaching classes:

A popular tried and tested way of acing CAT is through the guidance of a good coaching centre. Thousands of students across the country pick up coaching classes for their CAT prep for a multitude of reasons. The expert faculty, reliable study material, rigorous practice tests are some of the things that coaching classes offer that can get you closer to your dream CAT score. With options of training on weekends, online or subject-specific training, there’s something for every student! Choosing the right coaching class at the right time can make a great difference in your CAT scores, check out the best coaching classes in your locality on our website so that you lose out on all available options!

There is no better time than right now to start your CAT 2019 prep so don’t wait for inspiration to hit you and use these tips to start today!

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