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6 Most Popular Graduate Degrees in India

The next and the most natural step after one finishes their schooling years is to decide on the career of their choice and accordingly apply for an admission in the best colleges to get a Graduate degree. Usually deciding upon a career is, if not daunting, but a confusing job. There are some students who have a fixed goal in their mind and are very sure of the career path they want to follow, whereas some are unclear about their decision and need the help of career counseling services to decide upon a career.

To avoid a trip to the career counseling services, here are the 6 most popular graduate degrees in India which can help you to decide which the best career is for you:


The most famous and applied for among the graduate courses in India is engineering. The basic reason for its popularity is the plethora of courses that are on offer like automobile engineering, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering and much more. When one opts engineering as a career choice the person gets a wide variety of options and the flexibility to for expansions into the field. Following are some of the best colleges in Mumbai if you choose engineering as a career:

a)      Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

b)      Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)

c)       Sardar Patel College of Engineering

d)      Rizvi College of Engineering

e)      Thadomal Shahani  Engineering college.

2.  Medical:

Someone with a mindset to improving the general health of the people of their country or also someone who is looking forward to a career to not only serve humanity but also keen on improving ways and coming up with treatments and medicines that can cause a breakthrough in curing some dangerous and incurable diseases usually end up having a medical career. Again this career path provides many streams which can be chosen according to one’s preferences or aptitude levels. Some of these are B. Pharma or the Bachelor of Pharmacy, BDS or the Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BPT (Physiotherapy), MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) and so on. If you are looking for the best degree colleges in this field in the Mumbai city then here are a few names of colleges you can check out:

a)      Grant Medical College (GMC)

b)      Topiwala National Medical College (TMNC)

c)       R. A. Podar Ayurved Medical College

d)      K. J. Somaiya Medical College & Research Centre (KJSMC)

3.  Finance:

This is a graduate degree that has gained immense popularity in recent times. This is the best degree course for all those number crunching nerds from the commerce field. The course in this degree usually includes statistics, financial market, accounting, financial statement analysis, international finance etc. The study of this course can help land a lucrative job in the banking sectors, securities and commodity brokers, real estate companies etc. The best part about this degree course is that the student can either opt for the Commerce stream or the Science stream. Some of the top colleges in Mumbai for attaining your Bachelor in Finance Degree are:

a)      International College of Financial Planning

b)      University of Mumbai

c)       Mithibai College

d)      Thakur College of Science and Commerce

4. Bachelor of Law:

Bachelor of Law or what we also know as the B. A. LL.B is a popular choice among students. This degree course is for the ones who have the power of persuasion with a patient and a logical approach along with the vast interest and knowledge of the sections of law and order. Apart from dealing in civil and criminal laws, a lawyer also has to have a knowledge administrative service and corporate management. The best law institutes in Mumbai include:

a)      Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai

b)      Dr. Ambedkar College of Law Mumbai

c)       K C Law College Mumbai

d)      Rizvi Law College Mumbai

5. Commerce:

One of the most popular graduate courses, Commerce is a stream largely opted my majority of the students. This stream branches out in many sectors like Economics, Company Secretary, Actuary and Insurance, Risk Investment etc. A student entering this stream must have the capability of fine business acumen. Some of the top colleges for graduate degree for commerce in Mumbai are:

a)      H R College

b)      Hinduja College of Commerce

c)       Ramniranjan Anandilal Podar College of Commerce and Economics

d)      Kishinchand Chellaram College

e)      Sydenham College of Commerce

6.  Mass communication and Journalism:

Media is a very powerful weapon and if implemented influentially can sow the beads that can bring about a revolution. Hence, mass communication and journalism is gaining popularity day by day as the young generation is seeing this stream as a medium to enlighten people and bring about awareness about the wrong doings in the different part of the society which helps in the further development of the country. Passing out from this stream one can specialize in fields like Journalism, Anchoring, Photojournalist, RJ etc. Following are some of the names of colleges in Mumbai to consider if you are planning to opt for this stream:  

a)      Xavier college of communication

b)      Department of Communcation and Journalism Mumbai University

c)       St. Paul’s Institute of Communication Education

d)      Met Institute of Mass Media

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