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240+ Hours of Rigorous Classroom Training (Highest in India)

'QDS Pro is a leading coaching institute in Mumbai that provides unprecedented test preparation services for all Management, Bank, Law and Other Entrance Exams especially for MBA Entrance Exams like GMAT, CAT, GRE, MAH-CET, SAT, NMAT, SNAP, BBA, etc... Our range of services includes coaching classes, live online tutoring, video lectures, doubt solving and home tutoring. We wish to revolutionize the test prep industry, and we believe in giving back to the students the powers they deserve.

Highlights and Facilites
  • Mock Tests and Reviews
  • Doubt Solving Sessions and Reviser Classes
  • Accessible on Multiple Devices (Study Material, Question Bank, Mock Tests, Live Classes, etc...)
  • Unbelievable Convenience and Flexibility
  • Free Career Counseling Session
  • Master Workshops - Mental Math, Vocabulary Building, Motivational Sessions, etc...
  • Access to Unlimited Practice Questions
  • Study Material (Study Library consisting of All Popular Author Books and Publications)
  • Regular Homework Assignments and Periodic Practice Tests
  • Customized Study Plan
  • Flawless Online Tools - Virtual Classroom-Like Experience
  • Free Trial/Demo Session
  • Unlimited Access to 24 x 7 Online Doubt Solving Services
  • 240+ Hours of Rigorous Classroom Training
  • Personalized Learning (small batch of only 4 - 5 students)
Mock Tests
  • Test Funda Test Series
Group Discussion and Personal Interview + Fees
  • Written Analysis Test
  • Personal Interview
  • Group Discussion
  • Profile Building
  • Admission Consulting
  • Career Counseling
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Demo Lectures

Toppers :
Ayush Nema
Year : 2019
Nitya Trivedi
Year : 2019
Rohit Soni
Year : 2019
Deep Molasi
Year : 2019
Yash Solanki
Year : 2019
Testimonials And Reviews

Qds pro is the best coaching institute for MBA entrance exams. Unlikely other institute who focus on professionalism rather than studying QDS pro focuses on studying with a personal touch. The sessions are interactive and always flexible with timings. The main thing is the concepts which are cleared in detail with the help of many examples. I personally would suggest to take demo session and then you would end up joining it .

It is a perfect app and the best destination for GMAT and CAT preparations.The conceptual clarity that they provide is not available anywhere else .

In my case I am the only student in andheri branch still somil sir and raveena Maam come to andheri branch from charni road to attend a single student so it doesn’t matter how many students are there in a batch you can choose any of the branch and timing as per your comfort both the aspects are took into consideration plus doubts of every student is considered individually overall everything perfect about the class. The faculty is amazing and a very friendly environment.

I was under the guidance of Ravina Mam for my whole MBA enrance exam preparation. She puts in immense hardwork so that we are up to date with all the concepts.Ravina mam passionately taught us which made our learning fun and easy at the same time. She makes sure that we are continuously engaged in the lecture through cross interactions. I must say that I had an amazing journey while preparing for the exams with her.

Ravina mam's lectures are very structured and she puts in ample of examples to make the concepts very clear for the students. I did come across doubts while practicing at home, however, ravina mam was very kind and supportive in solving each and every doubt that I had. I felt very comfortable with her and my MBA entrance exam prep went really smooth. Thanks Ravina mam for all your efforts.

I joined QDS Pro coaching classes for my MBA entrance exams preparation where I was trained under Ravina mam. I found her to be an amazing faculty. I liked her methodology of teaching students. She is very adaptive, taking into consideration the needs of the students. I also found her to be very approachable. She made a study plan for me, which greatly helped me in keeping track of my preparation for the exams. I also thank QDS Pro team for providing all the facilities for my entrance exam prep!

Ravina mam at qds pro coching classes is a remarkable teacher. I appreciate her efforts that she puts in each and every student. I learnt a lot from her. I highly recommend you to join QDS Pro coaching classes, since I had an amazing experience with Ravina mam for my MBA entrance exam preparations.

Rigorous training given by Team Qds Pro helped me achieve my dreams. Faculty here teaches students passionately. Learning was never so easy. Thanks Qds pro.

Classes experience was too amazing and ravina mam was too good in explaining...I also telling my friends to try once in ravina mam classes n do experience..I can see my future bright in this class..Thank you ravina mam

Hi Guys, I would highly recommend QDS Pro for the entrance exams preparation. My journey of preparation was very smooth as I was been provided all the support that I needed during the preparation.

Something that certainly helped me at QDS Pro was the analytics that the faculties here helped me with. They identify my strengths and weaknesses and help me with the guidance as to how should I word around it to improve my scores. QDS Pro is a really good institute.

I was guided by Ravina mam. At first I was scared whether I will be able to ace the exams, however, she gave me the confidence to go for it. Ravina mam kept me motivated throughout my preparations and encouraged me to achieve higher scores after each mock tests that I gave. Her analysis of the mock tests given by me also helped me improve my scores on a great extent. She also kept track of my progress in the studies and guided me how to go ahead. Thanks Ravina mam for your hardwork.

Student Reviews for CAT

5.0 Faculty
5.0 Infrastructure
5.0 Environment of coaching class
5.0 Personal Attention
5.0 Study Material
CAT 2021
Shantanu Gandhi
01 Jan 2021
Exam & Score:
Attended Coaching:
Jun `18 to Mar `19
Charni Road
Best Coaching Institute for MBA Entrance Exams, REAL Personal Attention
5 / 5 Faculty
5 / 5 Infrastructure
5 / 5 Enviornment
5 / 5 Personal Attention
5 / 5 Study Material
QDS Pro Coaching Institute for MBA Entrance Exams preparation is amazing. The faculties over here are so hardworking and very helpful. Their teaching methodology is customized as per the needs of the student. I am saying so through my own personal experience. I was a slow learner and the faculty thereby slowed the pace of the teaching and made sure that I was understanding each and every concept. Highly recommended.
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Somil Shah
Charni Road
Type : permanent
Somil Shah
Type : permanent
Ravina Parikh
Charni Road
Type : permanent
Ravina Parikh
Type : permanent

Awards Won

India Book of Records Record Holder - Somil holds a National Record for Reciting First Hundred Multiplication Tables in Least Possible Time. He has achieved the aforementioned feat in seven minutes and forty-eight seconds.
International Record Holders Certificate - Top Hundred National Record Holders of Twenty-Nineteen - Somils National Record in the field of Mental Math was selected as one of the top Hundred National Records of Twenty-Nineteen, and was later recognised as an International Record, because there was no other record in the same category, also recognised by Vietnam Book of Records, Nepal Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, IPSA and Bangladesh Book of Records.
Master Numero Uno - Somil has won the ultimate title of the Numero Uno event - Master Numero Uno. Numero Uno is the largest inter-collegiate mathematics and statistics fest in India hosted by the H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, India.
The Human Calculator - Somil has earned himself the recognition of The Human Calculator among his relative and friends owing to his incredible number crunching skills. He hosts a YouTube channel, where he periodically uploads videos of his new feats in Mental Math.
Mumbai University Rank Holder - Somil stood fourth in the University of Mumbai during the final year of his undergraduate program, Bachelor of Commerce, whilst at H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, India.
High Achievers Trophy - Somil received the Class Prize in addition to 5 Subject Prizes in the final year of his high school, because of which he was awarded the High Achievers Trophy.


How can we attend the live classes, access the study material, use the question bank, etc... if we are opting for your online course?
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You will have a personalized dashboard on our online portal (QDS Pro Online Prep) with access to the following:- 1. Attending Live Classes, 2. GMAT Study Library (consisting of 45+ Popular Author Books and Publications), 3. Question Bank with 20,000+ practice questions, segregated section wise, topic wise, question type wise and difficulty wise, 4. Homework Assignments, 5. Practice/Mock Tests. Additionally, you will be able to access all of this on any of your devices, even on your mobile phone, using our mobile app - 'QDS Pro Online Prep'.

What are the key highlights of your CAT Online Prep Course?
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How can we book a free trial/demo session?
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Where can we get to know more about you and your courses?
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To know more about us and our courses, you may log on to https://www.qdspro.com/

What if we are unable to get the desired score in the first attempt?
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You may undergo the full course again, without paying any additional fees.

What if we miss out on any class?
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Need not worry, we've got you covered! We maintain a checklist to track the progress of all our students, so if you miss out on any class, we have a record of it, when that topic is scheduled again in any of our other batches, we invite you for the same, we have multiple batches running throughout the day.

Do you provided online classes as well for CAT Prep?
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Yes, we do. All our online classes are conducted on our in-house online tutoring software - ' QDS Pro Online Prep'. To know more, you can log on to https://onlineprep.qdspro.com/

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