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KYC: Know Your Classes is a new series by Studysid where we explore the coaching classes that have made a mark in the entrance exam ecosystem. In this edition, we look at one of Mumbai’s iconic coaching classes— Mitul Gada and Associates. With two locations one in Kemps Corner and the other in Andheri, they’re a small-sized coaching class with big results. Times Education called them ‘The most authentic test prep trainers in Mumbai’.  The class is best known for its GMAT Coaching. It Ranks #30 in GMAT and study abroad Coaching classes in Mumbai.

They train students for competitive exams like GMAT, GRE & SAT. Students can choose from either the classroom training programme or a personal training programme. Their personalised and tailor-made coaching is what draws students to their doorstep. The faculty members are well qualified and are maestros in their specialisations. Their pedagogy is to make concepts digestible for their students. They do this by explaining to them the content in a way that is easy for them to interpret. They lay great emphasis on the concepts and clearing out the chronicle misconceptions about the subject which students carry in their mind. With a different approach and varied methods, the Vipul Gada team attempts to make the subject exciting and understandable for all their students. They also provide video lectures to the students. And have the facility of video conference training for students that are outside Mumbai.

The Man Behind It All–Mitul Gada

As the name suggests, Mitul Gada & Associates was founded by Mitul Gada. Mitul Gada is in the Teaching business for over 18 years. He had started giving his services to the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) as a free-lance faculty for math and logic right from the second year of his graduation.

His relationship with math has been a love-hate relationship. As a student, he used to hate math, as a result of which, he failed in Math in his 11th grade. In retrospect, he learnt that it wasn’t math that he disliked but the way the teachers taught it. While preparing for his entrances, he realised that math can be made fun if taught the right way. And since then his romance with math hasn’t ended. 

From the year 2001, he started teaching math and logic for CAT and GMAT in IMS and continued doing that till the year 2007. He also used to coach potential IIM students for their GD and personal interview. On some occasions, he was tasked with training IAS/ IPS aspirants.

Mitul’s unique teaching method where the emphasis is on the in-depth learning of concepts rather than the theory associated with the topic is what sets him apart. Substitution, back solving, approximation, oral calculations, and visualisation are just some of the tricks up his sleeves that help students tremendously tackle the behemoth of competitive exams.

More Than A Teacher

Apart from being a math trainer, Mitul is also a study abroad and career counsellor for professionals and students. In his 18-year stint, he has trained more than 12000 students. And he has helped several of them to the top b-schools in India and abroad. 

Mitul also has several by-lines in ‘The Times of India’ and ‘Mid-day’, where he wrote a lot of career-based articles.  He is currently working on his book on the fundamental of mathematics named ‘Math, My Love.’

Students Speak About Mitul Gada

The real measure of any coaching class is not what others draw from observation but what their students have to say from firsthand experience. Here’s what they had to say…

“I burnt my hands earlier with non-professionals who provide inferior quality training at a low cost. with MG, I could feel the difference and realised my mistake,” said Saurav Shah, one of Mitul Gada’s students.

Vinayak Joshi, another student, said, “ Being from an English honors background, all I thought was I only needed help in my quant section of GRE. However, my false impression diminished as soon as I started attending the classes for the verbal section. It is no way similar to what we study in college or school. The vocabulary part was pretty tuff, and the faculty guided me with step by step process to understand the tricks.”

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