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Introduction to TOEFL in Churchgate

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures the ability of the English language of the non-native speakers to use and understand North American English as it is spoken, written and heard in college and university settings. Most people who take the TOEFL test are planning to study at colleges and universities where English is the main language. In addition, many government agencies, scholarship programs, and licensing/certification agencies use TOEFL scores to determine the English proficiency.

Where is TOEFL score accepted?

TOEFL is accepted by 130 countries which cover the educational institutes as well as the government agencies. Once you receive the result your TOEFL score is valid for the next 2 years after the 2 years they are no longer recorded so it’s better you apply to the institutes after you get your results.

What is iBT TOEFL?

INTERNET TEST (TOEFL iBT) - A reading section of 60-100 minutes which includes reading 3-5 passages, containing 12-14 question in each passage. - A listening section of about 60-90 minutes which includes 6-9 passages, containing 5-6 questions in each passage. - A speaking section of about 20 minutes and includes 6 tasks. - A writing section of about 50 minutes and includes 2 tasks that needs to be completed.

What is PBT TOEFL?

PAPER BASED TEST (TOEFL PBT) - A listening section of about 30-40 minutes consists of 3 parts. - A structure and written expression section of about 25 minutes which includes 15 exercises of sentence completion and 25 examples for error identification. - A reading section of about 50 minutes and includes answering 50 questions regarding the passages. - A writing section of about 30 minutes, which includes one written essay of 250-300 words.

Does Canada accept TOEFL?

Generally, Canadian universities receive more TOEFL scores than all the other English-language tests combined. 100

Who conducts TOEFL exam?

The TOEFL test in Churchgate is developed and offered by the US-based "Educational Testing Service" (ETS). This implies that ETS sets the questions, conducts the test, and sends each examinee the score report. The conduction of the test is done by the Testing Agencies, which are appointed by the ETS in various countries, which act as franchisee for ETS.

What is a good score in the TOEFL exam?

If your TOEFL scores ranges in between 90-100 then it is perfectly good. By this score you can apply to the universities and you can get into a good university too. With this TOEFL score, you also have a possibility of getting at a position as an RA, TA, or GA on campus. However, 100-110 are the best scores for TOEFL in Churchgate

How do I register for the TOEFL exam in Churchgate?

There are 2 ways of registering for the TOEFL exam -Online Registration -Mail registration: To register by mail, you must obtain an Information Bulletin containing a registration form and information about the test.

Is TOEFL ITP accepted?

The Institutional TOEFL (ITP) is generally not accepted by the U.S. university admission. Some admission offices and scholarship programs may accept ITP scores temporarily in case of the international candidates, until their iBT scores are available.

How long should I prepare for TOEFL?

Most of the candidates score on an average of 100 out of 120 in the first attempt. If you want a tight time for preparation then 1 month should be fine. But you should not take more than 2 months to prepare for TOEFL, as the test is not that difficult too.
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