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Step 1: After giving scholarship test accept & claim scholarships
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Popular FAQs
What type of questions will be asked in the test?
  • 6 Q’s - Verbal Reasoning
  • 6 Q’s - Quantitative Aptitude
  • 6 Q’s - Logical Reasoning
In how many days can I claim and redeem my scholarship/validity?
Within 29 days
How do I accept scholarships?
Your scholarships are visible to you on your profile page. You can click on the accept scholarship tab and you can claim as many scholarships as you may like.
How many scholarships can we accept?
You can accept all the scholarships offered to you. So claim NOW
Till when can I accept the scholarships?
You can only claim. The scholarship upto 2 hours post the test, so you should claim them NOW
What is the duration for the scholarship test?
You will get 20 minutes to solve all questions.
Can I re-take the test?
Yes you can re-take the test, but it's advisable to give the test perfectly well in the first go itself to save you the time and efforts of giving it again. ALL THE BEST
When will the test be conducted?
You can click on 'Register Now' and give the test, anywhere and anytime
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6 Q’s - Quantitative Aptitude
6 Q’s - Logical Reasoning
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