How to Prepare for GRE:

When should i give the GRE? Second-year student

The ideal time to give the exam is when you have a free 2-month period with a light workload. It is not recommended to leave everything aside in order to prepare for the GRE since the exam is not that difficult, a healthy 3-4 hours of preparation every day for about 2 months is enough to prepare one for the test. This estimate of a 2-month period is for someone who can get 300+ without any preparation in a practice test. So I strongly recommend giving a practice test similar to the one offered by Galvanize Test Prep.

You can prepare for the GRE during a semester at college as long as you can invest 2-3 hours a day which you spend on social media or binge-watching TV shows.

However in most cases a majority of Engineering students start their GRE preparation after their 2nd Year is over (4th semester) & take enough time in 5th & 6th semester to prepare and appear for the exam in their 6th semester.

The most popular study material are:
The ETS GRE PowerPrep Tool
Magoosh GRE Prep
Kaplan GRE Test PrepKaplan GRE Test Prep
Manhattan GRE Prep
How to make a Study plan, followed by a sample.

A study plan for the GRE completely depends on the areas you need to improve. This can be assessed by giving a practice test and understanding the areas that need improvement. You can give Studysid’s Profiling Test to be able to determine your strengths & weaknesses.

Based on your assessment you can make a simple study plan which suits your needs and adjust things according to your leisure. You can refer to some of the Magoosh Study Plans for reference and alter it based on the study material you choose to refer. You can also join coaching classes for GRE in your city and leave everything else up to them.

Make sure you incorporate weekly practice tests in your schedule once you are through with the GRE syllabus. These practice tests would help to get an estimate score and build the habit of solving a paper very similar to the GRE in terms of difficulty and time duration.

Top coaching classes in Mumbai

The most popular GRE Coaching classes in Mumbai are:

These classes have a GRE coaching fee ranging from 15000/- to 30000/- INR. These classes generally also include preparation for TOEFL and counselling for college applications in their packages which can cost up to 50000/- INR.

Online Preparation

GRE Preparation can also be done online through popular test preparation websites like:

GRE Edge
Magoosh Prep
Galvanize Test Prep
Barron’s GRE Prep
Union Test Prep

Or any of the above sites from Magoosh to Manhattan. These have a slightly lower fee of less than 10k INR for the GRE Prep.

Self Study Options

It is possible to prepare for the GRE without any coaching and one can refer free study material available on many platforms to prepare for the GRE and ace it. It can all be done free of cost if one has enough will to study on their own, meticulously plan their studies and arrange the resources online.

Giving practice tests is something that shouldn't be missed at any cost whether one opts for classroom learning or online preparation. Regular practice tests help one understand their weaknesses and areas that need improvement and guide the progress of the student.


For the GRE the counselling part comes in for the college applications which pretty much begin right after you give the GRE. Shortlisting a set of colleges you wish to apply to is a mammoth task and has a huge significance for a student’s career. So counselling from a senior or a family member or a friend or even a paid professional is necessary to understand the complexity of the decisions involved and their long-term dividends.

Counselling services are offered by most GRE coaching classes in Mumbai. Many online platforms like Galvanize also provide counselling at cheaper rates. But some counselors tend to be biassed towards certain colleges or might unintentionally push a person towards a college which he/she does not wish to attend. So it is important to understand your reasons for applying for Masters abroad and doing your own background research before approaching counsellors.

GRE Exam day tips

Based on my experience of the GRE I advise everyone to:

Wear layered clothing for the exam - so you can write the test peacefully irrespective of whether the room is hot or cold.
Do not forget to bring your passport and the test booking confirmation email from ETS.
Select the 4 universities of your choice based on your scores in the practice tests. If possible memorize their codes from this list. Every additional university you have to send your scores to will cost you $25.
There will be a long break after the AWA sections and 1 Verbal and 1 Quants section. Eat something light during this break.
Do not stress yourself after a section, take deep breaths and try to meditate if possible between sections in order to calm yourself.
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