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“Young minds, when void of barriers can cross millions of domains and discover boundless prowess of knowledge”. From attending seminars to organising them, making knowledge available at arm’s length for those who seemed inclined. The fire that ignited during graduation days turned to flames and spread like wildfire engulfing everything around. Two bright minds came together to form this technical storm ‘TECHNOBOTICS’. Ronak Parikh the brainchild, one of the founders, inclined towards gaining in depth knowledge compelled himself to venture different fields of technical aspects, while Omkar Pai gave the foundation for this idea making a platform available to make technical available and approachable to all. We, at Technobotics, believe “Education is not what students can remember, it is what they cannot forget” and there is only one way to make things unforgettable: by doing them yourself. We have taken up this challenge of bridging the gap between Reading and Doing; the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. Since students today are far more technology oriented than before, it makes perfect sense to make Technology a tool to educate as well as innovate. Robotics, so far, has been considered a subject of extreme sophistication and just beyond normal human intelligence. We, at Technobotics, however, use Robotics not as a subject but rather as an extremely powerful tool to culminate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Students don’t just get to know about something, they get to make it themselves. They get to see the Inside Out view of things that are around them right now as well as things that are going to be there in the near future. By spreading and strengthening roots in robotics, we thrive to make innovative and mind blogging projects, not just something that to beguile but also leave you perplexed. Our cornerstone initially was limited to Electronics and EXTC branch of Engineering, the motive being, to make utilization of the knowledge that has already been instilled but lack resource and direction to realize them in real time. With time as the nucleus evolved, grip on the hardware aspect of technology developed making us proudly acknowledge being unfettered. But we thrived to make a mark in the technical bailiwick. Thus when faced with requests to expand further from hardware aspect to software, we cogitated towards developing and branching. This brought in the now partnership with Gfxbandits who being nonpareil in developing marveling software with ease making it seem trivial. Web development, website designing, providing training and internship for those intrigued and many more aspects are presented by them.

Highlights and Facilites
  • Variety of Branches covered
  • Complete Hands On Training
  • Bridging the Gap between the Theory and Praticals .

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