Gaurav Private Tuition for Engineering

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13 (Est. 2007)
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Diploma in Engineering
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I have been teaching mathematics and physics for 8th,9th,10th 11th&12th commerce & science(All Boards) Mathematics(All semesters),BEE,Electrical circuits & Engineering Mechanics for students pursuing diploma and degree courses(All Universities/Autonomous Colleges),for more that 12 years.I do have a team of teachers specializing in other Electronics,Mechanical & subjects for other branches too.My teaching is one to one and even if there is a group i do not take more than 4 to 5 students a batch,as i wish to pay personal attention to every student,my method of teaching is old school as in after explaining the concept with few examples, i make students solve majority of the problem sums in front of me so that their doubts get cleared then and there which would surely give them better understanding of the topic and the confidence to solve rest of the sums, needless to say they can ask doubts as many times as they want and also call to get help in solving home work problem.My approach towards students is friendly but disciplined and strict as required.My students passing with good marks/grades,especially diploma and degree students who had a drop for a year or two after coming to me gaining best knowledge of the subject and getting rid off their so called "kt's" and moving ahead with confidence and pride. My award is when these students call me up after their results are out and tell me out of happiness that they have cleared the subjects with lot of their own hard work and yes my guidance too

Highlights and Facilites
  • Personal attention on every student.Flexible timings for students traveling from far or attending class after college hours
  • students can call or sms before coming for class as per their convenience.Students can call and ask doubts or ask for revision lecture as many times as they wish until they are confident enough about the subject

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