Initiative Institute of Professional Training and Research for Certificate course on Export Import Management

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Certificate Course on Tax Management
Certificate course on Export Import Management
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Certificate course on Export Import Management
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IIPTR students are given skills that will change their employment prospects and increase their value to employers. The Institute listens to employers, through its strong links to industry. Our tutors are professionals who are not full time teachers but rather practitioners who actively work in their field of specialization. IPTR currently offers Two exciting career and Business Oriented courses (Export Import Management & Tax Management.). At IIPTR it is our mission to create entrepreneurs & the most productive workforce. If you want to prepare for a better, brighter future, you’re at the right place! And you’re not alone Not only will we provide you with the most effective skills and knowledge we will also help you get that dream job you have always wanted or even help you start your own business! Our training programs also helpful for Middle Level and Lower Level employees. It helps them improve Professional Skills, Experience and Knowledge; so that they can add substantial value to their career and organization. Just think: in less than three months from now – perhaps as little as several weeks — you could be receiving your diploma in a field that fits your interest, talents and goals. There is nothing to compare with the sense of self-confidence that comes from having specialized knowledge and skills. Your certificate program will give you the competitive edge as you pursue exciting career opportunities. IIPTR is a proven educational method, committed to student service, and reasonable course fees which results in an outstanding learning experience

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  • Initiative Institute of Professional Training & Research (IIPTR) is the leading institute in Mumbai providing Professional Training with some of the most diverse course offerings available to students. IIPTR established in 2008 which educate thousands of

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