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KYC: Know Your Classes is a new series by Studysid where we explore the coaching classes that have made a mark in the entrance exam ecosystem. This article takes a deep look at Collegepond, a coaching class that boasts of an incredible 97% admission rate. Founded in the year 2003 by Suraj Bajaj, whose undergraduate and graduate education from Ivy League schools coupled with over 10 years of international exposure who have aided him to help numerous students achieve their global education dreams. Today, Suraj Bajaj (Wharton ’91 and Columbia Business School ’98) and Jimeet Sanghavi (DJ Sanghvi ’04 and Stony Brook ’05) spearhead the institute. 

Why Collegepond?

Collegepond is an online/offline counselling career guidance, test preparation, and admissions counselling outfit. Based on their experiences in the environment abroad and inputs received from students who made it on Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Entrepreneurs, and other chosen walks of life, they believe that before embarking for higher education, a clear, well-thought-out strategy is required.

“Our strength lies in packaging your application so that you achieve your desired objectives. We determine the optimal way to highlight the applicant’s strengths and address any weaknesses or ‘holes’ in his or her academic background, work experience or extracurricular activities,” states Collegepond.

Big Fish, Collegepond

Their mission is to add value for their students by helping them achieve the desired quality in their applications. Thereby enabling them to get into their dream university. They offer comprehensive programmes and services which emanate from their industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise. They have deep industry knowledge coupled with experience gathered over the years. This enables them to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking while working on university applications.

And they’re not just talking, they let the numbers talk. 88% of their students have been admitted to one of the top 50 universities in the world. 64% have made it to the top 20 universities in the world. A whopping 97% of their students received job offers after immediately after their graduation. Over 68% of their students managed to score a 320+ score in the GRE.

Collegepond didn’t just stop at prep. They went the extra mile to ensure that they take the burden of international education off of the students’ shoulders. So they introduced ‘Collegepond Services’. Collegepond Services offers loans and forex assistance, insurance, and more to make sure that students have all they need in one place. As a result, over 8,000 students establish themselves abroad in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia to date. Many of them are currently working in Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and Amazon.

Students Speak

The real measure of any coaching class is not what others draw from observation but what their students have to say from firsthand experience.  This is what they have to say…

Maninder P., currently enrolled at UCLA, said this about his experience at Collegepond, “From university selection to essays, from financial docs to pre-departure, Collegepond Team stood by my side throughout this journey. The counsellor was very smart and had detailed knowledge about my field of study. The counsellors are true and empathetic and know how to handle, guide and channel the students in the right direction. Thank you for all your help, Collegepond! I can vouch for Collegepond’s services.” 

Anil K, who managed to successfully land an admission at Yale University, shared, “The experience that I had with Collegepond was amazing. The counsellors helped me through the school selection process and choose ‘realistic dream’ options as opposed to applying aimlessly. The staff is super friendly and efficient. Thanks for making this long and tedious journey into a smooth one.”

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