Should I Cancel My GMAT Score (All You Need To Know)

By the end of your GMAT exam, you have to make a choice between keeping your GMAT scores or you can cancel your GMAT Score. You will only have 2 minutes to decide that. This decision has to be made strategically and must be thought of before only so that you are prepared to make a decision.

The dilemma is real for any candidate taking the exam. To keep the score or not to keep the score can cause a lot of confusion. The pressure is real. You must be completely prepared for the GMAT test and must prepare for it in advance. To get into a good college you must have a good score. The score eventually decides your future. When the score is not good you need to cancel the score. To know in complete detail read the article:

What does canceling your GMAT score mean?

When you decide to keep the score it is reported to your selected school whereas if you decide to cancel your GMAT score then no school is reported about the score. Only you know about the test and no one else is aware of that. You do not get any kind of refund for the test. You have to pay the same amount for the future test as well.

Cancellation strategy for your GMAT Exam 

This strategy simply includes if you decide to keep the score or decide to cancel it. You decide to keep or dismiss the score depending on your target score. If the actual score is near or above your target score then you must not cancel the score but if the score is below then you can simply dismiss your score completely. You should set your target keeping the cutoff score in mind. The college you are applying to will set the cutoff for admissions.

The important 72 hours 

There a too many questions surrounding GMAT examination and cancellation of its score. We are humans and there are chances that we might doubt our potential and think we could have done better. No one wants to send a score that certainly doesn’t reflect your best side. In such a situation to cancel the test, you have 72 hours. These 72 hours begin since the time you left the centre. After these 72 hours, you will not be allowed to cancel the test. You can cancel the test just at a minor fee.

Charges to cancel GMAT scores

The geographical location plays a significant role in the fees of the test. There are score cancellation fees for the aspirants of the test. For details, you can check their official website.


Practice! Practice! And Practice! You need to brush up your skills before you take the GMAT examination. This examination can be a deciding factor in your life. The weakness and strengths of the applicant are seen through the detailed score report. The scores can be canceled within 72 hours of the exam but no refund is promised. So it is better to have a strong strategic plan to work accordingly that you score well in your first attempt only.



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