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A refuge for those who seek true education and not just a temple of rote learning, Genius inc. is a family of people who understand the needs of a parent and a student alike. We teach the kids the way we would want to be taught. Besides a Chief Board Examiner our faculty comprises board examiners, engineers, post graduates and school teachers. We believe in alternate learning techniques which make each lecture a splendid visual and aural spectacle. Among the many promises we make, and keep, we proudly claim that once a child comes to Genius inc. he will never turn around and tell you he regrets it. There will never be a time when he would consider bunking class. Kids love coming to Genius inc. This is where they find the right blend of fun and education. A place where he feels special and exclusive, a place where people care for him and his welfare, a place where dreams take shape and the child is taught to soar and be where he rightfully belongs- the top of the world.

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